We know how to prepare the perfect drink

Why Horchata

We have all the ingredients
to satisfy the client’s taste

Each project is unique so we always put all our energy behind the lens making each shot turn into a photo. Our team is characterized by the passion it brings from the beginning to the delivery of the material.

We are creators of stories and we do it through design, photography, and film; through art.

80m² forum

We adapt to any space

Editing and
color correction

The perception of color is related to our experiences. The manipulation of the images becomes part of the visual narrative. Balance, match, level, and then apply shades that will add personality to your audiovisual project.

We’ll bring your ideas to life


Each shot is a photograph. We all put our passion behind the lens.


We are designers; we solve and materialize concepts.


Behind each photograph there is always a story that we want to tell.